1992  first activities as the „KONTRA-Trio“ by Madeleine Bischof, contrabass-flute; Thomas K.J. Mejer,

contrabass-saxophon; Leo Bachmann, tuba

1996  release of the CD „Compositions for Contrabass-Saxophone“ (see Discography).

1997  „to be held for a long time“ at „1. Fest der Künste“ at „Tim Buktu“ in Luzern/Lucerne

1998  first performance of  „Wanzen-Serenade“ by Thomas K.J. Mejer „Schweizerisches Tonkünstlerfest“ Geneva.

1999  „Höllische Konturen“ by Thomas K.J. Mejer. Tour in Switzerland.

1999  release of the CD „diligent places“ (see Discography).

2000  „Different Drones“ at the festival „trance and drones“ (Minimalism former and today) Freiburg i. Br. (D)

2000   „Different Drones“ at the New Music Festival "Music factory" in Bergen (N)

2000  „Different Drones“ at the "100. Schweizerisches Tonkünstlerfest" in Engadin (CH)

2001   „Different Drones“: Tour in Bali (Indonesia) (with Bobby Burri/contrabass instead of tuba)

2001  Tour in England (Dartington, Bristol, London) with the program "Resonances".

2001  at the festival „soundways“ in St. Petersburg.  Swiss compositions by Alfred Zimmerlin, Urban Mäder,

Thomas K.J. Mejer. Followed by a tour in Russia. (with Marc Unternährer/tuba).

2002  „Moments Musicaux“ Aarau with „Klangausstellung“ and „Held Tones“

2002  release of the CD „Frank Denyer“ (see Discography).

2003  at the festival "Saxophonia" in Riga (LAT). Following tour in Latvia

2004  „Panorama“ by Leo Bachmann. Concert installation for the KONTRA-Trio and 9 loudspeakers.

First performances in Baden, Luzern, Zürich

2004  IGNM Zürich: One night with music by Alvin Lucier and Phill Niblock

2004  tour with the „Tri o`Trang“ (Norway) in Switzerland (Olten, Amden, Luzern, Malters).

2004  release of the CD „Phill Niblock“ (see Discograpy).

2005  at the „Fest der Innenhöfe“ in Freiburg im Breisgau (D)

2007  release of the CD „Vulnerable Spaces“ (see Discography).

2007  at the festival „Neue Musik in Delmenhorst“. With „Ilomba“ by H.-J. Hespos and other compositions.

2009  „Jeux Circulaires“ by Leo Bachmann. Concert installation for the KONTRA-Trio and 8 loudspeaker.

First performances 09.06.–11.06.09 in context of „transit09“ at the Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne.

2009  „Himmlische Tinkturen“ by Madeleine Bischof. A roomcomposition for 49 flutes and the KONTRA-Trio.

First performance 09.05.09 in context of „transit09“ at the Jesuitenkirche Luzern/Lucerne.

2010  release of the CD „Jeux Circulaires“ (see Discography).

2011  at the festival „Two Days And Two Nights Of New Music“ Odessa (UKR) with „Flutter, Chatter, Puff“

2012 KONTRA Moritz Müllenbach. First performances of „Infra“ by Moritz Müllenbach.

2013 „Stravinskij Revisited“. Tour with Moskow Contemporary Music Ensemble MCME.   

First performances of compositions by Thomas K. J. Mejer (CH), Vladimir Gorlinskij (RU), Katharina Rosenberger, Vladimir Rannev, Roland Moser. Concerts in Moskow, Perm, St. Petersburg, Zürich, Luzern, Boswil, Basel.   

2015 KONTRA Valentin Vecellio. First performances of „Jagen“ by Valentin Vecellio.

2016  at the festival "Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna“ Musical Spring, Poznan (Pol) with „Run, Freeze, Dance“

First performances of compositions by Karmela Tsepkolenko, Julia Rüffert, Rafal Zapala.

2016 KONTRA-Trio with „Orchester Emmen“: First performance of „Lamento di Papa Marcello“ for String Orchestra and KONTRA-Trio by Madeleine Bischof with extracts of „Missa Papae Marcelli“ by Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594)